Monday, 17 December 2007

London Transport Museum - Sun 16/12/07

Hello!! It was more lovely trains (and some buses!) yesterday as Ellie my sister and I sneaked off to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, in London. Daddy really wants to go but I got there first!! hee hee

When we got there we had our picture taken with the largest baubles you could ever see!! Unfortunately they were too large for our bag so we couldn't take them home and put on our Christmas tree.

Then we got inside and were able to ride on lots of trains and buses. The museum looked very snazzy as it's just been rebuilt and there were lots to see and do and lots of little children for us to play with. Here are the piccies from our day. And by the way, mummy and daddy didn't suspect a thing!!

Sitting on an old tram stairway

Planning a journey on an old tram

This old lady didn't want to make room for us to sit down!

But this lady was much more friendly and even cuddled us for a photo

It's fun on this old steam train

Wow, I can see for miles!

This is inside a really old carriage on the steam train

And this is a really old tube train, although much more comfortable than the Central line!

Ellie and I could even drive the old tube train!

Friday, 23 November 2007

House Cricket - Saturday 24/11/07

Hi all May friend on Flickr Bunnyville asked me to explain My favourite game of House Cricket.

Here is the rules.

you need equal number of bears, bunnies, monkeys on each side.

Push all the furniture away from the centre of the room, unless you prefer to play on your mummy and daddies bed. Like we do.

Get your bat, if you dont have a cricket bat then a baseball bat or a kitchen spatula and a soft ball or a sock balled up.

The Bowler has a short run up and you hit the ball and run unless it hits the celling for 6 runs or the walls then its 4 runs. If it doesnt go that far then you can run between your wickets. If your ball goes in the air and is caught by one of the players. or if you are running between the wickets and some one throws the ball at your wicket you are out, and you have to play for the other side, as a fielder.

Anyone want to play?

Sunday, 18 November 2007

New Family Members - Saturday 17/11/07

We got woken up early yesterday morning by the postman who rang our doorbell. Mummy and I rushed to open the door. He had brought Mummy two boxes and he asked her to sign for them. She brought the boxes in and put them on the table. I kept asking her what was in the boxes as I was sure I could hear tiny voices asking to be let out.

Finally after we had our breakfast mummy let me open the boxes. To my great surprise I found not one but two new brothers and I was so excited.

I wonder whats in this box

Look its a brother

Aww he is so sweet

I think we should call him London

Wow, another box

Ahh, my long lost brother Marty, I am lucky

Reunited at last!

Its a very big weekend in one of daddies sports darts. There is coverage on both BBC and ITV. We snuggled up in our blanket together to watch the darts because the central heating is broken, the engineer came yesterday but he couldn't fix it because needs some new parts and they may take a few days, but at least we have hot water.

Greenwich - Sunday 11/11/07

I'm really sorry I haven't updated my blog or replied to any comments in the last week. My mummy has been off work sick. She came in from work on Tuesday and went straight to bed, without making us any chocolate drink. I asked daddy when he came in what was wrong with her and he said she had flu. I said she didn't fly she took the train and he laughed. After a few days in bed with my brothers and sisters looking after her, mummy is feeling better now.

Last Sunday after my visit to my relatives at the Museum, mummy and daddy came with me to Greenwich to see the sights. I had a lovely Sunday lunch in a Wetherspoons pub. It was roast chicken with vegetables. I only like peas and carrots not cauliflower or cabbage, YUCK. I had an angel cake from Greenwich market as my dessert, YUMMY.

I also got to ride on a Docklands train which was scary at first because we sat at the front of the train and I thought we had to drive everyone!! Daddy then said the train is automatically driven so we were ok. It didn't go too fast and was a lovely ride to Greenwich.

Checking my route

A ride on the DLR its a train without a driver

HMS Illustrious

A view of Canary Wharf from Greenwich

If you look closely you can see a river boat in the background.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Visiting Cousins and Brothers at the Museum of Childhood - Sunday 11/11/07

Yesterday I decided to go and visit some long lost cousins and brothers of mine that I hadn't seen for a very long time. They live in a big museum in Bethnal Green. There's different bears of all kinds of shapes and sizes. The only sad thing is I couldn't touch my cousins because they're behind glass but because they have to be looked at by everybody I suppose it's ok but I wouldn't want to be behind glass and never be cuddled - would you??

These are some of my cousins who are much much order than me. They were born around 1915. Sad really to think they'll spend the rest of their lives behind glass with no cuddles from little children or mummies and daddies.

Here is a bear you should all know from the tv called Superted!! I wonder where Spotty was? Perhaps he is hiding in the red train behind me??

Here are some of my cousins I saw. They are all lovely British bears.

These are my long lost Deans ragbook brothers. I was sooo sad to leave them behind but I promised I'd visit them again soon.

There lots of other things for a teddy bear to do at the Museum of Childhood including playing on a ride...

Looking at some model trains...

Driving a fire truck...

And being a builder...

And afterwards I then went on the Docklands Light Railway for the first time and had a train ride to Greenwich....but you'll have to come back and read my blog tomorrow to find out what I did...